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Film Production School
at SmackDab Studio

We are her to support you if you choose to produce, shoot or edit your own material.  Attend one of our workshops to learn more about producing your own content.  Our studio is available for rent, including all of its equipment.  Be the expert and create your own content at SmackDab Studio.

New Hands On Class in

El Dorado Hills!


Thursday, April 25th2pm-5pm


Intro to Creating Quality Video with a Camera Phone


Upcoming Classes

Intro to Editing (4 hour class)
March 22  9am-1pm 
April 23 9am-1pm
May 23 9am-4pm
Edit Level One  
March 22  4pm-8:00pm
April 23  4pm-8:00pm
May 23 4pm-8:00pm
Edit Level Two  Coming soon
Edit Study Hall.
Open hours between 9am and 8pm
March 21
April 24
May 22


Request a Class

We will continue to add classes in all areas of film production.  Please help us by telling us what classes you would be most interested in.

Thanks for submitting!

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