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A Content Creation Powerhouse

Leading the forces of Content Creation is the creatively brilliant producer/cinematographer Doug Stanly


SmackDab Studio  is a fully equipped high-end production and broadcast studio, utilizing the finest cameras, sound and lighting equipment.  We make YOU look GOOD.   At SmackdDab, we can easily create standard styles of content and we can up the ante by creating more dynamic shots. In addition, we can utilize our multi-camera live-switched editing capabilities to generate hours of content efficiently.  Of course we can shoot on locations as well. 

Smackdab Studios in El Dorado Hills

Making meaningful content.

Joining forces back in 2021, Television Producer Doug Stanley and  Portrait Photographer Charlene Taylor now bring to El Dorado Hills, a full live switching broadcast studio. The two visual artists will be offering commercial production, family productions as well as Youtube content creation.  Be sure to subscribe to their YouTube channel, Smackdab to be notified of their new premiers.


For the first seven years of the production of Discovery Channel’s “Deadliest Catch”, Doug Stanley served dual roles, both as a Founding Producer, and as the Series Director of Photography.  While it is for these roles that Doug is best known, his career in television spans nearly three decades and more than 100 shows.


Doug has been one of a handful of instrumental producers responsible for reshaping the non-fiction genre.  His edge of the earth and high risk TV series are widely known for influencing the rise of non-fiction programming in general, inspiring many copy cats and encouraging spinoffs.  


If you ask Doug, he will tell you that he is just doing what he loves. “I am essentially a visual storyteller that loves to see the story pass through the lens”   


For excellence in his work, Doug Stanley has garnered Eight Primetime Emmy Nominations and has been honored to receive Two Primetime Emmy Awards.  In addition, Doug has been nominated for a Producer’s Guild Award and has received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the California Film Foundation.

Capturing character and story in professional images has been Charlene’s life and remains her passion.  She first spent two decades as a professional photographer, then adapted and transitioned to become a cinematographer while also developing her skills as a producer. As both a founding partner and the Line Producer of “North Point”, Charlene will be instrumental in guiding the project to success.


At Smackdab Studios we are on the lookout for talent.  Are you, or do you know someone who has what it takes to host your on YouTube Channel? Or maybe has a business that others would like to hear about.  We would love to hear your ideas.  Email your ideas to

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