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Charlene TaylorFounder | Owner | Photographic Artist

Portrait photographer/Producer/Cinematographer Charlene Taylor has spent a lifetime behind the lens.  A studio owner for more than three decades, Charlene's passion is for making others feel and look great.  Her creative eye, combined with her maticulous attention to posing, lighting and expressions is what helps her create the beautiful images that feature the everyday person.

Today, Charlene combines her still photography skills and knowledge with her more recent passion of cinematography.  As producer, director and cinematographer, her desire to create videos that are both beautiful and entertaining has brought her into the world of Content Creation.

For the past three years, Charlene has studied under her mentor and partner Doug Stanley, a multi Emmy winning producer/cinematographer.  Together they are helping others share their messages and tell their stories.  

Doug StanleyCinematographer | TV & Film Producer

Doug Stanley is best known for his seven years producing Discovery Channel’s global hit show “Deadliest Catch”, but has worked across all genres of television: reality, magazine-style, LIVE, documentary, competition, scripted and sports.

During his 30-year career, Doug has been directly involved in the production of nearly 200 shows for networks including FOX, ABC, CBS, NBC, Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, Country Music Television, MTV, and many others. In Recognition of his work, Mr. Stanley has had 8 Prime Time Emmy Awards nominations and has been honored with two Prime Time Emmy Awards.

Adding a new chapter to a long and successful career as a primetime television producer, multi-Emmy Award winner Doug Stanley is the visionary and architect behind the deeply talented team at SmackDab Studio-- a partner of Charm Photography.  

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