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Video Content for the
Real Estate Professional

SmackDab Studio

Hello from Producer Doug Stanley.  My long career in media has spanned 3 decades as I have worked in nearly every genre of television.  Throughout this time my responsibilities as a producer have included a constant analysis of our production efficiency.  Like most businesses and individuals, TV Networks want the most bang for their buck.

As media on the internet has expanded, I have watched carefully as Realtors, as individuals, have brought forth a significant amount of media.  Some Realtors post every day.  A few post twice.  As this media MUST be generated in order to compete in the modern environment, it is in the interest of all that this media is created in the most efficient manner.  For this reason, with my partner Producer Charlene Taylor, we have created SmackDab Studios, to provide cost/value efficiency for those who require a steady stream of content.


How it works

To keep your content fresh and dynamic we will follow a plan that grows your content library through onging burst shoots, B-Roll shoots, scenes of Engagements and client testimonials. Through time, your library of  modular content that is designed to expand your storytelling capabilities will grow and your content will develop richness. This content, which will be produced both in studio and on field shoots, will be designed to build your personal brand, demonstrate your capabilities and highlight your understanding of your communities. 


As each Realtor has unique capabilities for content generation on their own, we create a program and consult with each client which allows us to guide you in self-creating media in order to maximize your content generation.  The prices mentioned below are representative of the production day and do not include post production services which are billed at $85 per hour.   We will continue to offer workshops and classes to allow for the real estate professional to grow their understanding and autonomy in their content creation.

Content Burst

Content Burst             $850


Create your library of content that can be used for multiple projects in different ways.


2-3 hour studio session

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Scenes of Engagement

-  Half Day $1125  Full Day $1700

On location with sound ups 

 We show what it’s like to be your client by staging different moments of what you do.


Create Your Youtube Show

Work alongside Emmy Award winning Producer Doug Stanley and create the show that you believe your viewers want to see.  This is a custom designed package so reach out and let’s talk about your new show!


Life On Camera

B Roll Shoot     $650  

Don’t just talk about your life, show it. The idea is to provide our clients with a great number of choices and media that can be used in many different ways.

2-3 hours on location session

Life on camera copy.jpg

The Interview - $995 and up

Find yourself on either side of the interview.  .  This multi camera live switched show is a fun and relaxed way to communicate your story.  


Workshops -

We are a full service production company but we are here to help you if you choose to produce, shoot or edit your own material.  Attend one of our workshops to learn more about how to produce your own content.  The studio is available for rent including equipment.  Become an expert and create your own content for yourself as well as others.

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