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The "Why" behind the photographer

One of the biggest reasons why I chose to be a portrait photographer is because of the connections I make with the people in my community. Whether it's a family portrait or an individual, I really enjoy getting to know someone in this

very unique way. There is a partnership and co-creating that happens during that session and it is invigorating.

Sometimes those relationships expand into friendships. With that said, I wanted to highlight a couple of those friends that have recently extended their had to help me in the recent Art show held in the El Dorado Hills Town center this last weekend.

Thank you Rhonda for your help before and during the show. From putting the final touches on the brand new studio, bringing one of your unique and beautiful Ikebana flower arrangements and all of your words of encouragement. I am blessed to have you in my life.

Thank you Reneta for your time and artistic eye in helping me to hang all of my portraits on my walls in such a beautiful way. You are truly appreciated.

Now that the art show is done, I can take a moment to breathe and focus on building more meaningful relationships. I am thrilled to be in my new studio. The location is amazing and I can't wait to get started photographing in here. Please stop by and say hi. I am conveniently located next to one of the top restaurants in our area and next to many peoples favorite place to find a good book to read. Milestone on one side and Face In a Book on the other.

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Maryjo Brooks Motl
Maryjo Brooks Motl
Feb 18, 2022

Charleen did MotlMD company photos and they came out fabulously!!!!!thank you Charleen for your skill and grace in getting those smiles just right!!!!

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